The Games

It’s a shame to not be able to put up photos with these words, photos say it so much better! but we don’t have the memory cards with us or the right cable so I’ll continue to say ‘watch this space’ 🙂

So it’s been a while and I guess, so far this blog hasn’t been quite what I expected it to be, but there’s still time, 3 more weeks in fact!

Where do I begin… The games have been such a fantastic experience, the best game was by far Mexico v France, Mexico won and the atmosphere in the stadium was euphoric. Thousands of mexican fans singing and jumping around, all the emotion people invest in this game is amazing. It shows just as much when the team looses and the whole loosing side sits there with blank looks on their faces in utter dispair.

As far as South Afirica being ready to host an event of this magnitude, not even close! For the first game we were staying 8kms form the stadium and it took us 3 hrs to get there, no one knew what was going on, one person tells you one thing then the next person tells you something completely different! Rustenburg was definately the least organised of all. They do this thing that they call ‘Park and Ride’, which is exactly what it says it is, you park your car and ride a shuttle bus to the stadium, good idea in theory but the thing about them was that there was so much parking right at the stadium that no-one uses and they send you to park 5ks away…. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing here but it just dosen’t make sense to me!

Leaving a game in rustenburg was an intersting experince, you line up for about 1/2hr to catch a bus back to the car park only to find that your lining up for nothing, and no-one is there to tell you where to go… so 11pm at night masses of people trying deperately to pile onto any bus that comes past in the hope of getting back to their car, I’m surprised there hasn’t been more casualties!

That being said the bigger cities, like Cape town, have done a much better job! and once your inside the stadium, WOW! what an experince!

check this link out, we we’re on TV for about 2 seconds, LOL. about 25 seconds in.


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Kruger National Park!!!

This city is an eye opener! there are people on the street with nothing, selling gum to make a living and then a BMW, a Merc and an Audi will drive by all in a row! Madness!

It’s not like backpacking any where alse I’ve been, where you just turn up and walk the streets looking for a backpackers, looking at the rooms and choosing the best option. Here, well in jo’burg anyway, you really have to be organised, alot of the backpackers don’t  have signs out the front so you’d be totally lost if you didn’t book things pior to arriving!

So after getting up at 7am and trying to organise a bus to the next city, to no avail, we relented and hired a car! Tomorrow morning we’ll be embarking on the next adventure, driving in Aouth Africa! We’re going in convoy with other people from the backpackers and we’re going to drive through Kruger National Park! where, with any luck we’ll get a glimpse of the big 5. Hopefully we won’t  be chased by Hippos along the way 🙂

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Johannesburg! The journey begins

so we arrived at Jo’burg airport at 6pm in the evening, were met by our friendly airport pickup and then told, ‘I’ll be back in half an hour’,  an hr later, after easting the best falafel I’ve had in years, he returned and drove us to 2behappy, a very quaint little guesthouse in yoeville.

It’s a whole different world here!! Crazy! but very exciting…

and so it begins! the football adventure!!!

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The FIFA world cup 2010

The FIFA world cup will be held in South Africa from June 11 – July 11, 2010.

Jefte & I have tickets to 6 games. We’ll be following Mexico, and we totally lucked out, Mexico was drawn to play South Africa for the opening game! Which I’m expecting to be AMAZING. We’ll see the first 3 games Mexico plays in the group stage, then we also have tickets for the round of 16 and the quarter finals. not sure who we’ll be watching, either Mexico or who ever goes through in Mexico’s place.

The other game we have tickets to is… Australia vs Ghana!! I’m very excited about this one. Go Socceroos!!

So we’re leaving on a jet plane on the 1st June, arriving in Jo’burg on the 1st June (time zones confuse me) after 24hrs of traveling. And we’ll away for 8 weeks! Yes that’s right I said 8 weeks.

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and so it begins…

The blogging begins! It’s a whole new world for me and so lets see where it takes me.

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